CowScout @ 6 Months

A little over 6 months ago, CowScout was released to the public. We figured we’d give a little update one how it did in it’s first 6 months. 

Here are some of the stats from the last 6 months:


At this moment we have 744 users. From January to April our total number of users nearly doubled each month. Here’s a breakdown of the growth:

  • January = 186
  • Febuary = 361
  • March = 701
  • April - July = 744

Obviously, once the 2012 FRC season ended - our user registrations have dropped off. 


Since January, we’ve had 463,972 hits. That breaks down to about 77,000 hits per month and 2500 hits per day. 


163 picklists were created by 66 different teams this season. 

The events with the most picklists were:

  1. Washington DC Regional (15 Picklists)
  2. Livonia District Event (10 Picklists)
  3. San Diego & Kansas City (9 Picklists)
  4. Utah, Chestnut Hill District, Finger Lakes & Silicon Valley (8 Picklists)

The teams who created the most picklists were:

  1. 399 (15 Picklists)
  2. 2180 (12 Picklists)
  3. 639 (11 Picklists)


66 teams used CowScout’s scouting feature at 30 different events. 


381 photos were uploaded to CowScout. We have 227 photos of 175 different robots from the 2012 season. 

We’ve been working on improving CowScout as well as adding some new features. We’ll be posting our progress over the coming months as well as announcing new features as we roll them out. 

Thanks everyone for their support of CowScout and we can’t wait for you to see some of the new stuff we’ve been working on.